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The educational purpose of Psychology is to enhance students’ awareness about themselves and others. Psychology students will learn about all aspects of human thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This will help pupils in all areas of their lives by improving their interactions with other people and enhancing their ability to understand and regulate their own emotions and behaviours. Additionally, Psychology is a course that links to GCSE subjects such as Maths, English and Science. These subjects will give students a solid base to build on as the skills acquired can be transferred to Psychology within essay writing, the scientific method and knowledge of biology being the key skills required to grasp this engaging subject.

Psychology provides excellent training in analytical thinking and scientific research methods that are applicable to a broad range of academic topics. Here at CTS we have a cohort of students that may have limited experience of the wider world and community, therefore studying Psychology offers them the opportunity to broaden their understanding of wider issues.

Similarly diverse are the occupational areas in which psychology is relevant and important. Psychologists are needed in a variety of contexts which include research, healthcare and educational posts in the private and public sector, various organisations and corporations, legal and clinical settings, charities, social services and more. Having a background in psychology is of considerable benefit in any work setting which includes teamwork, working with clients, advertising, and working under pressure. Knowledge of which helps students to explore potential careers that may be available to them within the wider community. As pupils explore a variety of perspectives on the study of human behaviour; biopsychology, behaviourism, social learning theory, cognitive psychology, the psychodynamic approach and the humanistic approach. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on the development of research skills and students will become competent in methodologies commonly used for the investigation of human behaviour, encouraging the development of skills needed in higher education and promoting aspiration amongst the students.

The AQA syllabus has been chosen because it has proven to be clear, engaging and easy to access, ensuring that pupils are supported as much as possible in their learning, whilst also offering the opportunity for wider reading and developing a strong interest for the subject.