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Pupil Premium

About Pupil Premium        

Pupil Premium was introduced by the government to help support disadvantaged students by giving schools extra funding to enable them to take the most effective actions to improve attainment. Reducing the gap in performance between students from backgrounds with different levels of wealth is the key function of the pupil premium. To determine who was eligible for pupil premium the government used Free School Meals (FSM) as an indicator of disadvantage. As with any indicator, the rationale can be questioned but it is the indicator that the government has chosen and the one we adhere to.

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CTS Ethos

We are devoted to providing an outstanding education for all.

Staff and students have the highest expectations for academic excellence and personal development; growing the inspirational adults of the future.  This common purpose of success and achievement permeates all we do.

We recognise that everyone who chooses CTS is an individual.  Students who join us will be part of a close-knit school community and will thrive in an atmosphere where they feel safe, confident and are supported in all aspects of their education.

To this end, students who require intervention will be quickly identified and any challenges they face overcome.  We will not tolerate any student falling behind and not reaching beyond their potential.