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Remote Learning Provision

General Information about Remote Learning Provision

How long can I expect work set by the school to take each day?

All lessons will be taught using a live, synchronous method in which teachers are present at the same time as students so that they can respond ‘live’ to any questions students have, and give live feedback on work that is being completed. Therefore, students should be following their usual timetable if possible, and complete 5 hours of lesson time:

Tutor time


Period 1


Break time


Period 2


Period 3




Period 4


Period 5



Break and lunchtime are fixed each day. There is no set work for period 6, so that students can use this time flexibly and have a rest from the screen if they wish. If there is homework that students need to complete, or work outstanding from the lessons, this can be done at a time that suits them.

During Tutor time, students will be asked to complete a registration form by following a link to a brief survey each day. On Monday, students will have access to view a whole school assembly and on Wednesday, a year group assembly will be shared with them in their tutor team. In the remaining tutor time period, they will be able to have a relaxed conversation with their tutor and members of their tutor group via the messaging function. We hope this should be a positive way to start the day, and will give students an opportunity to engage with their peers, so please do encourage them to take part in this.

The work will also be set within an assignment for every lesson, and all live elements recorded, which allows students to work through at a different time if required, or revisit work from the lesson during their homework time.

How will my child access any online remote education you are providing?

All live elements, assignment tasks and resources will be available through Microsoft Teams.

If you need any help with Microsoft Teams or other platforms, please see the Home Learning Support area of the website for tutorial videos.

What if my child doesn’t have access to the necessary devices/internet connection to complete the work? 

The DfE have provided us with a limited number of IT resources which we have loaned out in order to support home learning. These have been allocated based on needs identified through our IT survey completed within school last term.

If your child has any issues with access to the necessary equipment, please contact your child’s form tutor who can advise you further.  All tutor e-mails can be found on our website here.

Teams is accessible through most smart phones and tablet devices, as well as via an X-Box or PS4 or PS5. 

Some tasks will be possible to complete on paper if students wish to do so. They can then upload images of their work using the guidance in the video ‘Submitting an assignment in Microsoft Teams’. 

How will my child be taught remotely?

All lessons will be delivered live through Microsoft Teams.

Live content may be delivered in 2 ways: 

  1. Teachers may introduce the lesson materials at the start via a pre-recorded PPT with voice-over instructions. Students then complete work independently but can ask the teacher for support during the timetabled lesson via the lesson question channel in teams. Any pre-recorded content and resources will be shared on Microsoft Teams and will be accessible after the lesson time. 

  1. Teachers may deliver the whole lesson or a portion of the lesson live ‘on camera’ using MS Teams. Students will be able to follow the lesson and interact with their teacher live. Live video will be recorded, and will be available to view in the team after the lesson time. For more information on how to access these recordings please see the accessing live recording video on our website here. 

There are some slight differences between the delivery for different year groups. For more detail, please select the appropriate section of the year group information page.

How will you assess my student and provide feedback?

Teachers will monitor work as students submit completed tasks via Teams. 

Feedback may be given in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the task: 

  1. Students may receive immediate feedback via the ‘live chat’ function in Teams during a lesson. 

  1. Students may ask their teacher for 1-1 help and support in the chat function during their normal timetabled lesson when completing independent work set through Teams.  

  1. Students may receive whole class feedback after responding to a task, this may be part of a lesson or pre-recording. Teachers will identify areas of strength and development, clarify misconceptions and set follow-up tasks where necessary. 

  1. Students may be asked to complete a quiz/test through Microsoft Forms or similar which will provide immediate feedback and marks. 

  1. Students may be asked to submit a piece of extended work through Teams. Teachers will then provide appropriate personalised feedback depending on the nature of the task. 

  1. Immediate feedback may be given through additional teaching platforms such as Educake, Hegarty and Seneca.  

How will I know if my child is not completing work? 

All students know what is expected of them during any period of school closure. Teachers will be registering students into tutor time and all lessons (periods 1 to 5), to ensure they are engaging with their learning.

In addition, teachers will be monitoring both assessment and the quality to which the lesson activities have been completed, to ensure that students are engaging with the lesson materials and submitting any necessary work. 

Once per week you will receive a report via e-mail that details the level to which your child has engaged with the work set in each lesson. For more detail on this, please see the more detailed information we sent out about this by clicking here. 

If students persistently fail to join any Teams lessons, your child’s tutor or subject teacher will be in touch via email or phone to inform you. 

What curriculum will be followed during this period of remote teaching and learning?

Our students will follow a curriculum as close to the normal curriculum as possible during lockdown.  All students will have lessons on Microsoft Teams in all their normal subjects. In some subjects the order of unit delivery may differ slightly due to the suitability of the content for an online learning context. Where this decision has been made at a departmental level, plans have been put in place to ensure the full curriculum is covered across the year.  Please see the Curriculum area of our website for more details on where these changes have occurred.