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School COVID safety

After a successful start to the school year and regular monitoring of COVID cases, we have adjusted our COVID protection measures as required.  We will continue to monitor cases, liaise with the local Public Health Authority and continue to follow Government guidance. 

Please find below some further details regarding the risk assessments that have been undertaken.  

Risk assessment

We are continually reviewing our risk assessment to ensure risks continue to be effectively managed. Consideration has been given to balancing the minimisation of risks from Coronavirus (COVID-19) with providing a full educational experience for children and young people, in line with Government guidance.

Corby Technical School and The Brooke Weston Trust will continue to monitor guidance and will adopt a dynamic risk management approach to ensure the operation of the school remains as safe as possible.  

The results of our current risk assessment are published here.  This was last updated on 29th November 2021.

Further guidance 

Government guidance for schools can be accessed here.