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 Students at Corby Technical School are expected to be smart and properly dressed at all times. The full uniform must be worn during normal lessons. We do expect that jewellery/hair accessories are kept to a minimum and that hair colour is of a natural tone. 

Please note that no jewellery can be worn during PE lessons and other physical activity. Please also note that facial and body piercings are not permitted at any time. It remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that this occurs. 

Corby Technical school may provide temporary uniform to students if required. Where a student persistently arrives without the appropriate uniform and/or refuses to wear such temporary items as are provided s/he will be subject to the School’s behaviour and discipline code

Boys Uniform
School tie
White shirt
Black trousers
Black blazer with school logo
Black plain shoes (to be worn with black socks)

Girls Uniform
School tie
White shirt (not a blouse)
Black trousers or skirt at knee length
Black blazer with school logo
Black plain shoes (to be worn with black socks)

Boys and girls PE kit

Multi-sport jumper
Black polo top with school logo
Black shorts
Black tracksuit bottoms
Black sports socks
Sport trainers (one pair for indoor sport of non-marking or white soles/one pair for outdoor sport)

Optional: Sports sweatshirt with school logo

Students will also be required to bring other appropriate kit to their PE and dance lessons where necessary. For example, shin-guards for contact sports, swimwear for swimming lessons, mouthguard for some PE activity. Students will be given specific advice from their PE and dance teachers.

Shoe Gallery

To assist you and your child with buying school shoes we have provided you with the following guidance:

For information on how to order uniform please click here.