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Year 11

Home Learning Work

Work will be set for all subjects via Microsoft Teams

New Tasks added - Monday 4th May

Please check each of your teams as there have been new tasks/instructions added by your teachers this week. This includes optional extension work for those subjects you may wish to pursue in the future.

If you need any help/support, please email: 

For more information see the Online Learning section of the website.

Up-to-date Careers Guidance

In light of the changes to the awarding of qualifications this year, we have compiled some up-to-date guidance for those in years 11 and 13. Click here for link to the document.

Please also take a look at this parents' guide about Helping Young People to Prepare for their Future

Free resources on Amazon

Amazon have made the Kindle editions of their GCSE Maths Textbook, and their GCSE Guide to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar available online for free.

They have also shared their Head Start Guides to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths to bridge the gap from GCSE to A Level for any of you who are looking to study these subjects next year.

Extra Studies

There are lots of companies that offer free online qualifications. This is a great way to extend your knowledge and skills, and put yourself a step ahead of your peers!

  • OpenLearn is the online platform for the Open University

    There are nearly 1000 courses on OpenLearn, all of which are currently free to study. OpenLearn courses cover a wide range of subjects taught across the OU curriculum. 

  • Alison is another online organisation offering free qualifications.

    Depending on your learning goal, you can choose from:

    Certificate courses (average time: 2-3 hours), which help you focus your learning to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry.

    Diploma courses (average time: 8-10 hours), which are designed to give you a more extensive understanding of a subject area, by helping you master multiple concepts within a subject.

    Learning Paths (average time: 18-20 hours), which are a combination of niche courses that have been specially designed by experts, to help you: Broaden your skill set; Progress your knowledge; or Master a subject.

  • There are lots of free GCSE revision resources here