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Year 11 Examinations & Revision

You will find some useful resources for revision in this section, please click on the links to find out more.

Exam timetable

Exam timetable for Summer 2020.

Exam guidance CTS

Exam guidance for parents/carers that was given out in our recent Now and Next Event.

Revision guidance

Revision booklet given out in our recent Now and Next Event.

Careers leaflet

Leaflet given out in our recent Now and Next Event.

Revision template

Please find the weekly revision template that you can print and use.  Please print only the pages that you need.

March holiday sessions

Sessions that are taking place in the March holidays 2020.

Additional sessions

Revision sessions that take place before and after school on a weekly basis.


Here is a PDF version of the presentation given at the Now and Next event.
Will vs Skill Matrix A PDF version of the Will vs Skill matrix to highlight your strengths and weaknesses for each subject. 

Please find revision resource pages for each GCSE subject here: