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Year 11 German


1GN0/1F 1GN0/1H

Paper 1 – Listening


1GN0/2F 1GN0/2H

Paper 2 – Speaking


1GN0/3F 1GN0/3H

Paper 3 – Reading


1GN0/4F 1GN0/4H

Paper 4 – Writing

All students have been provided with a revision guide, which will aid them in the creation of revision resources. Students are encouraged to focus on individual topics during each revision session and ensure their revision is active. This means creating revision resources such as mind maps and flash cards. Students should then use their revision workbook, as well as accessing tasks and vocabulary through online resources such as Quizlet and Active Learn.

To encourage good revision practice, students have been provided with a booklet for each skill, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Translation, which allows them to revise a number of key topics. These tasks encourage students to use a range of skills such as comprehension, role plays, photo cards, giving opinions and using tenses. Where students find revision techniques work for them, they should be encouraged to use these techniques as part of their general revision.

Each week, homework will be set on “Show My Homework”. There will be a weekly vocabulary task where students will access Quizlet to complete the required vocabulary practice for that week. In addition to this, students will be given a specific task to complete from their skills booklet. This needs to be brought in weekly to be checked by their teacher.

Revision guides

All students have been given printed booklets for revision for use in and out of timetabled lessons.

If your child would like an additional revision guide, they are available for purchase on WisePay.

  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE German revision guide
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE German revision workbook

The guide and workbook can only be purchased as a pair for £5.00

Support sessions

The department will be running additional support sessions on Monday evenings at 4:15pm until 5.00pm. In addition, students have scheduled intervention sessions during the school day which is focused on speaking skills.

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