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Year 11 History

Advance Information for Summer 2022

There is no advance information for this course. This is because the course content has been reduced in order to ensure students are not disadvantaged by the effects of the pandemic. 

Students at Corby Technical School will not complete "British Depth study with the historic environment" questions and will be assessed on the following elements only. 

  • Wider World Depth study – Conflict and Tension East and West 1945-72 (Cold War)
  • Period study - America, 1920-1973: Opportunity and inequality
  • Thematic study - Power and the People c1170-present
  • These will be undertaken in three one-hour exams:

Summer Examinations

AQA 8145/1B/C

Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972

AQA 8145/1A/D

America, 1920-1973: Opportunity and


AQA 8145/2A/B

Power and the People c1170-present







All students have access to a range of revision materials via Microsoft Teams including:

  • A guide on how to revise in history
  • Examples of how to undertake revision
  • Access to all lessons and work booklets undertaken in class
  • Access to digital textbooks and revision guides endorsed by AQA

All students will be provided with a folder to organise their revision material alongside individual revision booklets for each module which will aid them in the creation of revision resources. Students are encouraged to focus on individual topics during each revision session and ensure their revision is active. This means creating revision resources such as mind maps and flash cards. Students should then use their revision workbook, as well as accessing past papers through the Corby Technical School website to test themselves on the subject they have just revised.

To encourage good practice student should use their cue cards to test their factual knowledge alongside creating more detailed revision notes/mind maps for each of the topics shown in the revision guides.

Revision guides

All revision resources will be provided by the History department.