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Year 12

Students in Year 12 are studying OCR Computer Science.  The specification can be found here.  The course consists of three units of work:

  • (01) Computer systems - Written paper, 2 hours 30 mins (40% of the qualification).

  • (02) Algorithms and programming - Written paper, 2 hours 30 mins (40% of the qualification).

  • (03)Programming Project - Non-Examined Assessment (20% of the qualification).

In year 12, weekly lessons are a combination of exam theory and programming practise. By the end of Year 12 students will have studied the entire exam syllabus and will be internally assessed at the end of the academic year to ensure that progress is at the required level. 

Programming practise will prepare students for the non-examined assessment which will be completed at the beginning of Year 13. 

Learning Schedule

Term 1:
Components of a Computer and their uses. 
Term 2:
Systems Software and Software Development
Term 3:
Exchanging Data
Term 4:
Networks and Web Technologies
Data Types
Term 5:
Data Structures
Legal, Moral, Ethical and Cultural Issues
Boolean Algebra

Throughout the year, students will be embeddeding Computational Thinking, Programming Techniques and Algorithmic skills through the continual completion of programming challenges.