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Year 13 Engineering

Advance Information for Summer 2022

Click here for information direct from the exam board regarding the focus of the content of summer 2022 exams. Check back to this area regularly as your teacher may add further support regarding this information. 

Summer Examinations



Principles of Design Engineering



Problem Solving in Design Engineering

All students have the option to purchase a revision guide, which will aid them in the creation of revision resources. Students are encouraged to focus on individual topics during each revision session and ensure their revision is active. This means creating revision resources such as mind maps and flash cards.

Students are encouraged to focus on the nine main topics:

  • Identifying requirements
  • Learning from existing products and practice
  • Implications of wider issues
  • Design thinking and communication
  • Material and component considerations
  • Technical understanding
  • Manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Viability of design solutions
  • Health and Safety

It would be advisable for students to use each revision session for a different topic and to firstly complete the relevant end of chapter review exercise (strengths and challenges) from their text book.

This will allow them to identify areas more clearly for further work which they can then use the revision guide and suggested websites to revise.

In addition, students are set exam style question through “Show My Homework”. Students are given page numbers of their text book that might be helpful for them alongside each task

Revision Guides

All students have access to a revision resource from the Design Technology department and via the school’s shared area. If your child has lost their PDF version then please see a member of the department staff.