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Year 9

In Year 9 students gain the fundamental theoretical and problem solving skills to be successful in the OCR GCSE Computer Science course (J276). Students learn relevant computational thinking skills such as decomposition, abstraction and algorithmic thinking to break down complex problems and represent their solutions through flowcharts and pseudocode. Students continue their study of the Python programming language.

Learning Schedule
Term 1:
Systems Software and Security

Term 2:
Ethical, Legal, Moral and Cultural Concerns
Python Programming

  • Variables and Structures
  • Errors (Syntax, Run Time, Logic)
  • If Statements
  • Loops (for and while)

Term 3:
Python Programming Practice

Term 4:
Algorithms (Searching and Sorting Algorithms)
Flowcharting and Pseudocode
Python Programming Practice

Term 5:
Computational Logic
Translators and Languages
Python Programming Practice