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Year 9

The Year 9 programme follows the Fine Art endorsement of the AQA GCSE course and teaches the foundation skills required for the GCSE Art & Design course. The first project investigates form and space with a focus on the techniques used to create the illusion of depth. Alongside this, students develop their knowledge and appreciation of Art History through a project which culminates in a practical response to a major Art movement. The second half of Year 9 is devoted to a mini GCSE project, ideas for which evolve from a GCSE style examination paper. This final project allows students to interpret their chosen title, selecting media and applying the technical skills that they have accumulated. Students build a portfolio of work during this enquiry based project which offers greater freedom and encourages independent learning. 

Students will be introduced to new methods in the presentation of their sketchbook. Students will be required to critically analyse, interpret and engage with the work of artists, making connection with their own work. By the end of Year 9, students will have an appreciation of the journey that a project takes from the starting point through to the final outcome. They should be willing to take risks and will be able to review, refine and modify their own work.