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Students in Year 11 are studying Edexcel Information, and Communication Technology.  You will be studying the single award and the specification can be found here.  The course consists of two units of work:

  • Unit 1: Living in a Digital World *Unit code: 5IT01.  This unit is assessed through a 1 hour 30 minute examination paper set and marked by Edexcel (40% of the total GCSE).
  • Unit 2: Using Digital Tools *Unit code: 5IT02 (60% of the total GCSE).

Revision materials

Click onto the picture to link to the website,

 Lots of revision resources here to help you

Exam papers and mark schemes

Jan 2011                                Jan 2011 Mark Scheme
Jun 2011 Jun 2011 Mark Scheme
Jan 2012 Jan 2012 Mark Scheme
Jun 2012 Jun 2012 Mark Scheme
Jan 2013 Jan 2013 Mark Scheme
Jun 2013 Jun 2013 Mark Scheme
Jun 2014 Jun 2014 Mark Scheme
Jun 2015 Jun 2015 Mark Scheme