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Music Department



Music is a growing subject at CTS and offers our students a wonderful opportunity to express themselves, develop into confident performers and learn how to communicate their own ideas musically.  

The pursuit of musical fluency involves the development of many aspects of a student’s personality: intellectual, perceptual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic. Music deals with the sensuous, intuitive, and spatial elements of perception and action. We believe that musical involvement should be immediate and for everyone therefore this will lead to a development of musical imagination. When students arrive with us, we work hard to ensure that their hugely varied levels of experience and confidence with music are discovered and nurtured.  

At CTS, we teach an engaging music curriculum and believe strongly in teaching music through musical immersion. Music is the language of the classroom. Students are encouraged to celebrate their own diversity, and to embrace music from a wide variety of traditions with origins that span the globe and travel back through time. Working collaboratively, students demonstrate discipline, divergent thinking and communication skills that support them in becoming employable adults.  

At Key Stage Three, we explore music through composing, listening and performing on a range of instruments. In line with our whole school technical focus, in each year, one of the units offers students the opportunity to develop their musical technology skills. We teach traditional western staff notation alongside tablature, djembe font notation, chord charts and rhythm grids.  

Our approach provides students with the chance to form their own sense of musical identity and facilitates an understanding of fundamental musical concepts, as well as exploring where their strengths lie in preparation for future progression. Students are prepared by study at Key Stage Three to progress into a more traditional approach to Music GCSE, a technology-based route, or to be successful at GCSE Music as a contemporary musician. 

We are proud to teach creative, enthusiastic students who thrive on inspiration and are open to opportunities offered to them. Our students are encouraged to embody the fundamental British Values throughout their musical study, developing into not only confident and competent musicians, but also respectful, open-minded and tolerant individuals who make a positive contribution to society. 


Music Facilities

The Music department is housed in its own purpose-built area with practise rooms, storage, and well-equipped classrooms. We have use of a full samba kit, a class set of djembe and djun djun drums and a class set of ukuleles, as well as two drum kits, three electric pianos and numerous guitars available for the students to play. Our second classroom comprises of a MAC suite with MIDI keyboards, and access to Garageband and Logic Pro software. Students have access to perform in our theatre with tiered seating, as well as a fully lit Drama studio for more intimate performances. We also have access to a technician who supports the Performing Arts subjects across our Trust secondary schools and can be used to support live or recorded performances.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

We are proud to be working with Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) to provide peripatetic music lessons for our students. A specialist teacher in Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit and Upper/Lower Strings visits our school one day a week to teach.

Students have a choice of opting for paired tuition (recommended for students below grade 2 standard) or individual tuition. The lessons last for 20 minutes, and will be rotated to be at different times of day so that students are not always missing the same lessons each week. Due to us having different term dates to NMPAT, we work on a calendar of three sessions, each with a ten week duration.

In order to secure a place for your child, please complete the contract here and return to reception or email to  We are over-subscribed and the lessons will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you are successful in your application, you will receive an email from school to inform you of this and ask that you make your first payment. The payments will be made via WisePay. Lessons are charged at £7 per lesson for paired tuition, and £14 per lesson for individual lessons. The session cost (ten lessons) for paired tuition is therefore £70, and for individual lessons is £140. If you wish to pay upfront for the year, the cost for a year of paired lessons is £210 and for individual lessons it costs £420 for the year. If your child is entitled to pupil premium funding and you would like support with payments, please contact the school Finance Officer Mrs Cheryl Ritchie at Similarly, if you wish to set up a payment plan to split the cost down further, please contact Mrs Ritchie to discuss this

As mentioned in the contract, it is beneficial for your child to have an instrument at home to practise on in between their lessons at school.   Instruments will be loaned out via NMPAT to any child learning upper or lower string instruments who don’t have their own (not guitars).

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Miss Jenkins at

Music Enrichment

The music department offers several occasions throughout the year for students to perform to one another outside of lesson time. These include Christmas concerts, Whole school shows, and live music performances in assembly.

Students are also all invited to attend the school choir, a Drumming Club, and we also run a year 7 Music Technology Club, as well as having open access to the practise rooms to work independently on developing instrumental skill.

For students in year 9, there is the opportunity to work with a Music producer from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust in a Music Technology project which is sponsored by the Travis Perkins Foundation.