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Year 11 Spanish

Summer Examinations



Paper 1 – Listening



Paper 2 – Speaking



Paper 3 – Reading



Paper 4 – Writing

To provide support and encourage good revision practice, students have been given a range of booklets covering each skill: a Listening booklet containing access codes to the audio files in Pearson Active Learn; a Reading booklet; a Writing and Translation booklet; a Conversation booklet full of sample conversation questions with a breakdown of the 5 themes and their associated topics; a Sentence Builder booklet, and a Tenses booklet. To better help students to understand how to succeed in the exam they are also provided with the mark scheme for Papers 2 and 4.

Students are encouraged to focus on individual topics during each revision session and ensure their revision is active and focused predominantly on retrieval. This means creating revision resources such as tenses posters, flash cards, listening to Spanish via media clips, film, and pod casts, and speaking out loud in Spanish to practise their conversation topics. Students should then use their revision workbook, as well as accessing tasks and vocabulary through online resources such as Quizlet, BBC Bitesize and Active Learn.

Each week, homework will be set on "Satchel One" from a variety of tasks: spelling and translation quizzes; texts to translate including authentic material; video clips to watch with questions; listening and reading tasks.

Revision guides

All students have been given printed booklets for revision for use in and out of timetabled lessons.

If your child would like an additional revision guide, they are available for purchase on WisePay.

  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE Spanish revision guide
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE Spanish revision workbook

The guide and workbook can only be purchased through Wisepay.

In addition - the Spanish department have made this useful resource to aid you with your revision! Click here to view. 

Support sessions

The department runs additional support sessions on Tuesday evenings at 4:15pm until 5.00pm in B0.14

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