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Year 11 English Language

Subject Exams



Paper 1 – Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing



Paper 2 – Writers’ Perspectives and Viewpoints

The main support students will receive in the upcoming months is during their English lessons- these are extremely valuable and students should be putting high levels of effort into each and every one, however there are also many ways you can improve your English progress outside of lesson times.

  • English Exam Question Display Board
    • Students can pick up an exam question from the display board down the English corridor. Students are encouraged to complete a question every week and hand it in to be marked by English teachers.
  • Texts and revision guides are available to purchase via Wisepay (see more information below). 
  • English language revision-
    • Use the activities in your revision guide
    • Read as many fiction and non-fiction texts as you can
    • Create a bank of inspiring images to use for your creative writing
    • Read the news and debate ideas presented by the news (use this in your transactional writing)
    • Request exam papers and time yourself answering questions- return these to teachers to be marked.
  • Revision timetables with planned in time for English
  • Regularly re-evaluating progress-
    • Students should be asking themselves- what is my weakest topic? What do I need to focus on? Have I made improvements on a topic? Do I now need to move on to something different? We encourage students to regularly liaise with their English teachers to have practice work marked and to identify any areas of improvement.
  • Show my Homework-
    • Students are set a past paper to complete over the term. As students learn the skills required in lessons, they are to complete the question at home. Students are to hand in a completed paper at the end of the term to be marked by their class teachers.

Revision guides

Available from Wisepay:

GCSE AQA English language for the grade 9-1 course: The revision guide £4.43

Support sessions

Fast Food and Feedback!

Students may be invited to our Tuesday night club where they will be completing an exam question and getting instant feedback from the English team. This group will change every week- students are chosen by their class teacher if they have been working hard in lessons.

Grab a Grade and G7-9 club.

Thursday night clubs (if students are not attending Maths). Grab a Grade focuses on pushing you to the next grade boundary. G7-9 club is for students currently working at the top band. G7-9 sessions are lecture based and explore critical theories.