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Year 11 English Literature

Advance Information for Summer 2022

There is no advance information for this course. This is because the course content has been reduced in order to ensure students are not disadvantaged by the affects of the pandemic. 

Students at Corby Technical School will not complete "19th century novel" questions and will be assessed on the following elements in Paper 1

  • Anthology of poetry
  • Modern Prose/Drama

Shakespeare and unseen poetry is still compulsory and will be assessed.

Summer Examinations



English Literature - Paper 1 (Anthology of Poetry and Modern Prose/Drama)



English Literature - Paper 2  (Romeo and Juliet and Unseen Poetry)

The main support students will receive in the upcoming months is during their English lessons- these are extremely valuable and students should be putting high levels of effort into each and every one, however there are also many ways you can improve your English progress outside of lesson times. 

  • English Exam Questions 

    • If you would like to take an exam question home, please speak to your class teacher. Students are encouraged to complete a question every week as part of their independent revision and study and hand it in to be marked by English teachers. 
  • Texts and revision guides are available to purchase via Wisepay (see more information below).   

  • English literature revision activities-  
    • Use the activities in the revision guides 
    • Re-read the texts and annotate them 
    • Create mind-maps exploring themes  
    • Characters and key quotations 
    • Create comparisons of the poems 
    • Create revision cards where you have exploded quotations. 
    • Once you feel confident with your knowledge of the texts, start to complete timed responses and hand them in to your English teacher to be marked.  
  • Revision timetables with planned in time for English 

  • Regularly re-evaluating progress-  

    • Students should be asking themselves- what is my weakest topic? What do I need to focus on? Have I made improvements on a topic? Do I now need to move on to something different? 
  • Show my homework- 

    • Students will be set weekly quotations in their literature lectures. They will be quizzed on these quotations every Wednesday. 

Revision guides

All books and revision guides are available for purchase on WisePay.


  • ‘An Inspector Calls’ - £8.29 –  (All students)
  • ‘Shakespeare’s: Romeo and Juliet’ - £4.89 – (All Students)
  • ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ - £3.49 – 11a1 students only
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ - £5.42 – 11a2 students only
  • ‘The Sign of the Four’£1.75- 11a3 students only

All of the revision guides below are £4.43

  • An Inspector Calls: York Notes for GCSE (9-1) (All students)
  • New GCSE English Literature AQA Poetry Guide:
    Power & Conflict Anthology  (All students)
  • Romeo and Juliet: York Notes for GCSE (9-1) (All students)
  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson : the text guide (11a1 students only)
  • A Christmas Carol: York Notes for GCSE (9-1) (11a2 students only)

Grade 9-1 GCSE English Text Guide - The Sign of the Four (11a3 students only)