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Year 11 Maths Revision



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Paper 3 – Calculator

All students have completed GCSE Mock exams in November 2021 at either Foundation or Higher level. These papers are being individually analysed to identify strengths and weaknesses for students. Students have been given a feedback sheet giving details of secure and insecure topics. This feedback should be used to guide students to which types of questions and skills they should be revising more regularly. It is really important that students emphasise their practice on their weaknesses rather than their strengths.

The Maths department have also carefully analysed the mock exam data to understand where strengths and weaknesses are at a whole class level. Maths teachers of Year 11 will set regular homework on Hegarty Maths to cover any specific topics that have been identified as areas to improve for the class your child is in. This will be detailed on Show My Homework together with any additional work to be completed.

Past papers will be completed on a regular basis in lessons to prepare students for their exam.  The best way to revise for GCSE Maths is to complete as many past papers as possible. This helps to develop confidence in answering questions similar to the exam. Corbett Maths and Maths Genie have past papers, practice papers and mark schemes to download. Use of mark schemes are available onthese websites is encouraged to enable students to correct work.

Hegarty Maths has videos on all Foundation and Higher topics. Students should use Hegarty Maths to revise topics and complete the quiz to check progress. As a department we prefer the use of Hegarty Maths over text-based revision guides, as the high quality video content provides a more effective visualisation of the problem solving techniques required for success in the Maths exams.

Formula booklets have been issued to all students. Each week students are set a homework on “Show My Homework” covering a specific formula for that week. The formulae will be revised weekly in lessons.

Formula booklets